Competition from the Bank of Albania: “Governor Award for the Best Diploma 2022”


Lajmet më të fundit

Kërko postime

Kërkimi i postimeve do të funksionojë vetëm kur ju të vendosni minimalisht 5 karaktere për rezultatin që keni kërkuar.


📍The Bank of Albania invites all students to participate in the open competition with the theme “Governor’s Award for the Best Diploma 2022”, to compete with their scientific works.

🗓 The deadline for submission of topics is October 31, 2022.

These works will be evaluated in three awards:
🥇 250,000 Lekë
🥈200,000 Lekë
🥉150,000 Lekë

😍 We invite all KUB students of the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Law and Political Science to participate in this competition.

Good Luck !

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Crafted By   Suli SH P K

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