Scientific Research in UCB

In terms of research policies, UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF BUSINESS has in its staff 8 departments for the two respective faculties and the College for higher professional studies, in order to achieve several objectives:

  • Coordination of teaching and research activity in respect of authority and personal and professional integrity of the academic staff Encouragement of all research and scientific initiatives of the academic staff in order to develop the profile of the institution
  • Creation of a lively active synergy with specialized research organizations, inside and outside the country;
  • Materialization of efforts for cooperation in the field of scientific research at the international level;
  • Evolution of scientific research, being in line with the requirements of the time;
  • Determining priorities in the field of scientific research and guaranteeing the future of research;
  • Staff, as part of ongoing qualification, to attend national conferences dh of international.

Engagement of UCB staff

Also, the academic staff of UCB is constantly engaged to pursue degrees of scientific qualification, to be involved in scientific research in function of the teaching process and for the benefit of the country’s economy. Some of them are part of several national research projects funded by international organizations such as the EU, World Bank, USAID, UNDP, GIZ, etc. In addition, they are engaged in scientific work through research and publications such as:

• Publications in scientific journals at home and abroad;

• Scientific conferences organized by UCB or other institutions inside and outside the country;

• Publication of textbooks and scientific texts.

Our commitment

UCB is committed to creating all the necessary conditions for the development of scientific research,
including the preparation of infrastructure and the training of academic staff. To achieve this objective, UCB has invested and is in continuous investment in several areas such as:
• Training of staff and human resources needed through investment for continuing professional and pedagogical qualification. This is made possible through the involvement of staff in conferences, trainings, postgraduate studies and doctorates, specializations at home and abroad;
• Establishment of scientific infrastructure where scientific research can be conducted. Currently, UCB has a library with a considerable number of volumes, academic and scientific texts published by prestigious publishing houses as well as international scientific journals.

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